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New blockchain loyalty play Koin Rewards is set to disrupt the UK loyalty industry.

Koin Rewards will launch in the UK in late 2018, with a number of retailers already signed to participate in the program. The seed funding round for Koin Rewards is currently being wrapped up, with a major high-profile UK investor confirmed and soon to be announced.

At the conclusion of the seed funding round a private Initial Koin Offering (IKO) round will commence, followed by pre-IKO and main-IKO rounds.

Koin Rewards seeks to address three key issues with modern loyalty program approaches:

  • Disillusioned Members: Market research indicates mass disengagement from major programs because members don’t receive enough value to engender brand loyalty.
  • Marketing & Promotion Assault: A poor member experience is exacerbated by constant promotional bombardment.
  • Saturation & Homogenisation: Proliferation of loyalty programs with similar designs are blending into irrelevance for all but the most dedicated shopper.

Koin Rewards will address these issues with a disruptive blockchain loyalty program which rewards members with a cryptotoken, Koins, instead of points. Koin Rewards will deliver:

  • Genuine Value: A currency which increases in value the more popular it becomes, driving deep member engagement.
  • Differentiation: A first-of-its-kind program guaranteed to stand out from the noise and generate significant hype and consumer interest.
  • Permission Marketing: A program which rewards members for their attention from the brands they love and is GDPR compliant.

The UK market is ripe for a loyalty shake-up, with Nectar recently being sold by AIMIA to Sainsbury’s for a fraction of the cost they paid for it, and Tesco just starting to see a turnaround after several years of struggle.

Visit www.koinrewards.io for details

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